The statewide General Election is November 6.  The Illinois Voter Guide will be live by October 1, available for early voting. Sign up now to receive an email alert so you can review candidates in national, state and local elections. 

With the Illinois Voter Guide, you can:

Explore your ballot! Dive into the background and opinions of every candidate on your actual ballot.

Make informed choices. Find a reason to vote for every office on the ballot, and save your choices as you go. 

Vote! Breeze through the ballot box by bringing your saved ballot to the polls.

Features of the Illinois Voter Guide include:

  • Candidate bios, positions, endorsements, and news 
  • Voters can create an action plan for when and where they are to vote
  • Receive reminder emails plus links to local websites for polling locations 
  • Create a personalized ballot and save/print it to take to the polls
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